Young kingdom armorySlashing/Piercing Melee Weapons: If you get hit with these melee weapons you will loose -1hp per round from blood loss, FOR EACH hit… (wounding weapons increase this to -5hp per round per hit… think anime style blood-sprays!) On a critical hit with a piercing weapon you will impale. With a slashing weapon you will cut to the bone.

Arrows/Small-Sized Thrown-Weapons: If you get hit with an arrow it is stuck in your flesh until you pull it out! -1 to all checks FOR EACH arrow you have in your body. Pulling an arrow out deals 1hp of damage and you will suffer -1hp per round from blood loss after that. Removal of an arrow is a move-action.

Thrown Spears/Javelins: Thrown spears or javelins are assumed to merely graze you unless they score a critical hit then they impale you. Same bloodloss effects as a handheld specific weapon.

Bludgeoning Weapons: Blows from a bludgeoning weapon will break bones on a critical hit.


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