Character Classes

FEATS: Listed Class Feats or Bonus feats can be substituted with another feat of your choosing IF I APPROVE OF IT first and its reasonable to think you’ve had the opportunity to learn that feat.

Weapon Specialization: I allow any martial class to specialize not just fighters BUT ONLY if they took a martial class at 1st level.

Fighters: Automatically gain proficiency with an exotic weapon of their choice IF they take the fighter class at 1st level.

Wizards: I do not require Wizards to use Spell Components IF they take the Wizard class at 1st level. (But if they do I will make the spell effects slightly better) It is simply too much to demand most players to keep track of if they really want to play a wizard.

I still require components and XP penalties for creation of magic items or arcane rituals!

Multiclassing: Typically characters may only multiclass into another class that MAKES SENSE to progress into. In other words… a fighter will not later multiclass into a barbarian although a barbarian could later multiclass into a fighter… A cleric will not multiclass into an arcane spellcaster UNLESS they loose their faith. Of course, anything is possible based on the right roleplaying.

Psionics: NO!

Incarnum magic-users: NO!

Unearthed Arcana Flaws/Advantages: By all means flawed characters are more interesting.

Character Classes

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