Study demon 2

Trel is a departure from typical campaign settings in a few different ways. First the main struggle on this world is not the battle of good vs. evil, it is law vs. chaos. As such alignment-specific spells and wards are less common. Thus the PC’s reputation for good or evil is based solely on their actions and the laws of the region.

Though extremely costly and rare, I’ve introduced guns, steam-based technology and airships in recent human history. Technology is considered a weapon of law vs. the evil magic users and magical beasts that serve chaos.

My focus as a DM is helping you create a living-breathing character that’s worthy of their own campaign.

Also I don’t take credit for most of the content herein. Much of Trel is based on the works of Michael Moorcock and Chaosium Publishing, with some influence from materials from Privateer Press, Mystic Eye Games and Bastion Press Publishing, all of which I purchased.Religious icons