The Young Republic of Ilmiora

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Size: 1’920 square miles Allegiance: Law Government: Republic Population: 30’720, 16 persons per square mile; 58% Urban Dwellers, 37% Rural Dwellers, 5% Abroad; 90% Human, 10% Beastfolk; 13% Military, 15% Clergy, 12% Nobility, 25% Urban Workers, 35% Rural Commoners; 15% Chaos, 15% Balance, 70% Law Law Rank: -3 Transitions: 50+ years of order Legal Code: Recent Legal Code – Garricks Inquisition Enforcement: Moderate Corruption: 2/3rds of officials corrupt. Social Standing: Always Matters

The northern young kingdoms The Lords of Law hold sway across the rolling, grassy plains and city-states of the Rich Republic of Ilmiora. Heavy rainfall is common on the coast and in the south. It is dryer in the north where the grasslands give way to the sands of The Sighing Desert. Mists are common in the mornings and evenings throughout southern Ilmiora. The days are warm but rarely hot. Stands of ancient forest dot its grasslands. Many of these have been cleared along the coast for shipbuilding.

Ilmioras capital is Ilmar City of Senators, whose harbor is ringed about by hills upon which steep-roofed, wooden-shingled houses stand, separated from one another by narrow, cobbled streets. Such buildings are common throughout the nation.

Ilmiora is ruled by a council of senators sent from the many city-states that make up the country. Backshaan is the richest city-state. The title of senator is a hereditary one, held by the oldest families of each city. While ruling over the country as a whole, senators jointly rule their own city-states, passing justice and upholding the laws of the land.

Feuds among the merchant class are common but the rule of law is dear to the people despite the squabbles of grasping shopkeepers. Among the powerful merchants who seek constant senatorial influence are Nikorn of Bakshaan and The Voashoon clan of Karlaak. Karlaak City of Towers is a beautiful city and Lord Voashoon is doubly influential as the chief senator of Karlaak.

Broad Ilmiora is a young nation, its people energetic and open-minded. Much of the land remains wild and untamed. Because of the wide distances that separate its cities and towns, Ilmiorans have a well-developed sense of independence. Trade is common between the city-states, although the average caravan must spend many weeks between destinations.

Ilmiorans are of average height and build, with fair skin and light brown to blond hair. Clothes of red are traditionally worn at Ilmioran funerals. Such arts as dancing and singing are taught to all the members of the nobility. Even the peasant folk take delight in creativity, be it as simple as a song while they world.

Ilmioran leather is highly prized in other lands, and Ilmioran farmers and nobles alike wear intricately embellished garments of leather and suede, with caps of fur. Large herds of cattle that graze Ilmiora’s endless grasslands are the source of much of the nation’s wealth and pride. In Ilmiora, even the gods are placated with milk.

The Young Republic of Ilmiora

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