The Young Nations of Oin and Yu

Lormyrian farmer Oinite thief Yu barbarian

Size: 2’880 square miles Allegiance: Law Government: Clan Population: 59’000, 20 persons per square mile; 25% Urban Dwellers, 70% Rural Dwellers, 5% Abroad; 75% Human, 25% Beastfolk; 20% Warriors, 1% Clergy, 20% Nobility, 10% Urban Workers, 49% Rural Commoners; 40% Chaos, 10% Balance, 50% Law Law Rank: -2 Transitions: 50+ years of order Legal Code: None Enforcement: Moderate Corruption: 1/2 of officials corrupt. Social Standing: Always Matters

Oin and yu Lormyrian great axe Barbaric Oin and Yu, although two separate nations, are joined in many ways. They are the poorest of the southern nations, for one city is shared between the two countries. The seedy capital straddling the banks of the river Ar is known as DhozKam City of Squalor. The eastern part of the city was settled in the days of Lormyrian domination, and retains a faint air of decayed splendor in its cannibalized or ramshackle buildings of carved stone. The western quarter remains a slum of mud brick and stained white-wash, inhabited by slaves and serfs.

The city is slumped upon the shore of a great bay. Dhoz-Kam’s native inhabitants eke a living from the fish that swarm in the river estuary and from farming the infertile soil beyond. Almost every building in Dhoz-Kam is a flat-roofed, squalid and squat, with small windows and large, squarish doorways. The tallest structure is a remnant of the Lormyrian Empire. It is only three stories high, a veritable palace compared to the remainder of the city. Those foreigners who can stand the city make up much of its population, electing to live here so that they can exploit the Oinish and Yurits. The poorest merchant can live like a king by the admittedly low Dhoz-Kam standards. The ruler of Dhoz-Kam is King Koon the Cannibal.

The coasts of Oin and Yu are bathed by the steaming currents of the Boiling Sea, and as a result lush, almost tropical jungles spring up along the shore. The heat and humidity make for unpleasant weather. Thick fogs blanket the coast most mornings, although rain is infrequent. Inland, Oin and Yu are surprisingly arid.

The Oinish and Yurites are superstitious, primitive peoples. and live in fear of the demons they claim haunt their jungles. A variety of creatures dwell in the forests, and invariably prove to be natural animals, although several dangerous predators do exist. A few brave individuals dare the borders of the jungles in search of rare woods, animal hides, and other barter, but the secrets of the tangled forest depths are unknown.

Most of the people of Oin and Yu are nomadic farmers, drifting from place to place as they exhaust the thin soil. The rest are hunters who follow herds of deer and buffalo roaming the inland plains. Oinish and Yurits are heavily built, squat, ill-educated, and superstitious. They have no organized religion or central government. Loyalty to family is paramount in their lives. The head of a clan is the eldest member of the extended families, and may be male or female. He or she makes the laws by which the family abides. Blood feuds between clans are common.

Worship, primitive as it is, is directed toward the Lords of Elements and Lords of Earth. They pray for good harvests and for rain. Lords of Beasts also receive some worship. People dress in ill-tanned hides and furs, and adorn themselves with bright feathers and beads. Such arts are weaving and embroidery are largely unknown.

The Young Nations of Oin and Yu

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