The Young Kingdom of Piik

Captain of the guard Yishana War pike

Size: 2’040 square miles Allegiance: Chaos Government: Monarchy Population: 34’680, 17 persons per square mile; 45% Urban Dwellers, 50% Rural Dwellers, 5% Abroad; 90% Human, 10% Beastfolk; 13% Kings Men, 5% Clergy, 12% Nobility, 20% Urban Workers, 50% Rural Commoners; 72% Chaos, 2% Balance, 26% Law Law Rank: 7 Transitions: 50+ years of order Legal Code: Recent Legal Code – Marvo’s Law Enforcement: Moderate Corruption: Some Social Standing: Usually Matters

The southern young kingdoms
Piik is a land of ragged hills and dark forests of pine and oak, given to sudden storms and harsh winters. To the south, closer to The Dead Hills Piik becomes bleak moorland broken up by deep bogs. Trading enclaves dot the shores of the narrow coastal plain.

Piiks tolerate foreigners, although some are treated disparagingly by the parochial folk of the country’s highlands. The rivalry, comptempt, and outright hatred that the clans of Piik show one another is only matched by their loyalty to their own clans. Piik has always been a rebellious, contentious place, first as Melnibone’s province and then as Lormyr’s. By tradition the King of Piik holds hostages from each clan, to act as emissaries and to bolster his power over them and thus the nation as a whole.

Regional governors often employ armies of foreign mercenaries. These troops are employed in the small wars that break out regularly between clans. Once the people of Piik worshiped Lords of Elements. In the last hundred years or so a powerful, chaos-worshiping church has spread from city to city throughout the land. The head of this church is known as the Heirophant, and of late wields as much power as tyrannical King Marvos, who is himself a woshiper of Chaos. His oppressed people refer to him bitterly as King Marvos The Blood Thirsty.

Piik’s wear kilts, skirts, tunics and cloaks of heavy wool, and paint their armor with ornate clan designs. Both men and women adorn themselves with striking tattoos. The people of Piik are skilled hunters who employ dogs of great cunning, trappers, farmers of hearty wheat and shaggy kine, or clever warriors.

Piikarayd The City of Pikes is well known for its bristling defenses. More then once in its history Piik’ highlanders have easily repelled the horse lords of Dorel with these simple weapons.

The Young Kingdom of Piik

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