The Young Kingdom of Kor

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Size: 960 square miles Allegiance: Law Government: Feudalism Population: 38’000, 19 persons per square mile, 45% Urban Dwellers, 50% Rural Dwellers, 5% Abroad; 90% Human, 10% Beastfolk; 30% Warriors, 8% Clergy, 8% Nobility, 20% Urban Workers, 34% Rural Commoners; 20% Chaos, 5% Balance, 75% Law Law Rank: 8 Transitions: 50+ years of order Legal Code: None Enforcement: Moderate Corruption: 2/3rds of officials corrupt. Social Standing: Always Matters

The western young kingdoms A powerful nation on the western continent, Kor’s sizable navy and merchant fleets are commonly seen upon the seas. Kors coastline consists largely of low cliffs with line of gentle hills inland. Beyond these hills the landscape is drier and harsher, suited to the growing wheat and similar crops, although the coast receives high rainfall and has abundant vegetation.

The climate is pleasantly hot with cool winds and moderate rainfall. A massive mountain range marks Kor’s western border and the feared Marsh of the Mist takes up most of the southern border. The capital, Dhakos City of Spires, is a large coastal city with a sizable harbor, named after the plethora of spires that crown the buildings in the old city. The bulk of the city sprawls around the cramped old quarter, walled, in rows of slate-tiled rooftops. The palace and the Cathedral of Law are found here before a large open plaza where wrongdoers are crucified.

Kor consists of several provinces ruled over by a variety of lesser nobles all competing for the crown. More then one king was overthrown in the past before humorless King Dhar the Mean came to power with the support of his sensual and sardonic sister Seria the Sorceress. Now more then ever, the people are divided and the kingdom lacks unity.

Korians are renowned for their suspicious ways and love of secrets. The people of Kor are unused to open displays of magic, and still view sorcery as unnatural and probably evil. They are superstitious of chaos with a firm belief in the rule of the Lords of Law. The peasants live in fear of their cruel king and his sadistic sister. In the past rebellions flared up across the land until the king enacted a policy punishing nobles who failed to hold their subjects accountable supplanting his own men in their place.

Tall and well-tanned nobility dress in fine silks suited to their warm climate. Peasants wear drab, functional garments and warriors traditionally wear bright silk-sashes. Duels are common in the streets of Kor, especially Dhakos. A warrior of many-sashes is feared among peers. Cowardly warriors can give up their sash and their sword to avoid a duel but by custom, the looser of a duel cannot wear a sash or carry a sword again unless he joins a warriors-guild. Guild members commonly travel in groups and do not typically agree to duels. A guild-member who looses his sash but not his head dishonors his guild and forfeits his life. Guild members earn rank among peers collecting sashes from rival guilds.

The Black Sashes are the kings own private mercenaries. Often recruited from the ranks of warriors-guilds they have eyes and ears everywhere. Though not technically part of the military they serve in their stead whenever the king wants someone arrested or brutalized without qualms.

Plots and secrets are a way of life in Kor. They are renowned assassins, scribes, scholars and priests.

The Young Kingdom of Kor

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