The Young Kingdom of Filkhar

Size: 1’080 square miles Allegiance: Balance Government: Feudalism Population: 19’440, 18 persons per square mile; 35% Urban Dwellers, 60% Rural Dwellers, 5% Abroad; 90% Human, 10% Beastfolk; 12% Military, 8% Clergy, 10% Nobility, 20% Urban Workers, 50% Rural Commoners; 40% Chaos, 40% Balance, 20% Law Law Rank: 3 Transitions: 50+ years of order Legal Code: None Enforcement: Moderate Corruption: Some Social Standing: Usually Matters

The southern young kingdoms

Despite its size Filkhar is one of the richest countries in the southern continent. Its low, marshy coast swarms with marine life. A large fishing fleet trawls the waters off their capital city Filkharia. Flat and uninspiring on first appearances, the fens and fertile valleys of Filkhar are bountiful. Grapes and other fruit are grown on the hillsides where sheep, goats and cattle graze. Rich coastal fisheries yield shellfish and other seafood.

Because of the natural wealth of their country, Filks tend to be haughty and arrogant. Filkhar is the most densely populated land in the young kingdoms with crowded cities swarming with proud citizens. Filks are well known as gourmets and excellent cooks. The lords of Law are worshiped throughout Filkhar. Worship of chaos is not outlawed but it is viewed as quaintly old fashioned.

Youthful King Jern the Snob rules Filkhar. Civilized to an extreme, Filks are fiery and impetuous, easy to offend and quick to mocking laughter. The nobility of Filkhar are obsessed with fashion, and decadence and hedonism rivaled only by the peerage of The Young Kingdom of Argimiliar. Even the peasants of Filkhar are well dressed by foreign standards and enjoy a high standard of living. Argimiliar and Filkhar have always had close ties which makes Filkharia City of Pride an attractive haven for those afraid of burning at the stake.

The Young Kingdom of Filkhar

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