The Young Kingdom of Dharijor

Dhar falchion

Size: 1’080 square miles Allegiance: Balance Government: Feudalism Population: 19’440, 18 persons per square mile; 35% Urban Dwellers, 60% Rural Dwellers, 5% Abroad; 90% Human, 10% Beastfolk; 12% Military, 8% Clergy, 10% Nobility, 20% Urban Workers, 50% Rural Commoners; 40% Chaos, 40% Balance, 20% Law Law Rank: 1 Transitions: One Violent Overthrow Legal Code: None Enforcement: Weak Corruption: 2/3 of officials corrupt Social Standing: Infrequently Matters

The western young kingdoms With warlike knights and fierce corsairs Dharijor is the most militant kingdom on the western continent. Little more then two hundred years ago however it was just another Melnibonean colony. Today it is bound together by the ferocious King Sarosto, descendant of Atarn the city Builder. Behind his back his subjects refer to their liege as King Sarosto the Puppet.

The capital of Dharijor is Gromoorva City of Swords. Sarosto’s queen is a princess of The Black Theocracy of Pan Tang. Pan Tangs advisers are common at Sarosto’s court, and their priests roam the land with impunity. Publicly they are only allied in the slave-trade but rumors persist that a darker bond exists.

Dharijor has a large population concentrated on its lush coast. The inner regions of the country are largely uninhabited grasslands and plains, dotted by gnarled, twisted trees. Large herds of deer and antelope roam the plains, the prey of black-maned lions.

Dharijors warriors are feared for their piratical deeds. Some raid villages across the borders of The Young Kingdom of Tark and The Young Kingdom of Kor. Dhars are a bloodthirsty people, and many consider violence their national past-time. The warrior caste of Dharijor is honored below the priesthood and nobility. Dhars can worship whomever they please.

Rich warriors wear gorgeous armor adorned with gold and silver filigree while the common troops wear iron armor, black and heavy. Most Dhars wear martial-style clothing, even those never engaged in war.

Merchants are not much loved in Dharijor, and those who favor softer activities to battle and war, such as art and poetry, are despised. Artists and poets live at the bottom of Dhars society, ranking below farmers, slaves, and dung-collectors.

Most Dhars are tanned and dark eyed, their light hair often bleached by the sun. Scars, missing limbs, and other maimings are considered attractive, evidence of moral fiber and strength of character.

The Young Kingdom of Dharijor

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