The Young Kingdom of Argimil

Argimiliate battle axe

Size: 1’680 square miles Allegiance: Law Government: Feudalism Population: 26’000, 15 persons per square mile; 35% Urban Dwellers, 60% Rural Dwellers, 5% Abroad; 90% Human, 10% Beastfolk; 12% Military, 8% Clergy, 10% Nobility, 20% Urban Workers, 50% Rural Commoners; 28% Chaos, 12% Balance, 60% Law Law Rank: 3 Transitions: One Violent Overthrow Legal Code: Old Legal Code – Church of Law Enforcement: Weak Corruption: Some Social Standing: Always Matters

The southern young kingdoms Like most of the south, Argimil was once part of The Young Kingdom of Lormyr. Remnants of their former rulers can be seen in the nations architecture and traditions. Buildings such as the university of Cadsandria, and the rules of chivalry traditional to Argimils nobility reflect those days. In the main the country’s population dwells along the coast, either farming the rich soil or inhabiting the crowded cities in this region.

The southerly reaches of Argimil are lightly inhabited plains, grazed by vast herds of cattle. The people dwell within large, communal villas, ruled by hereditary peers. The cattle-barons of southern Argimil are among the most powerful and tradition-bound of the nations nobility, although the richer, more decadent merchant-nobles of the coast rival their influence. Argimils wealth comes from her farms and ranches, as well as from the fleets of the Cadsandrian sea-lords who trade along the coast of the Southern Continent.

The ruler of Argimil is the ill-mannered King Jiku. This shallow man surrounds himself with philosophers, freethinkers, and artists, to seem grander and wiser by this patronage. Jiku’s reign encourages the worship of Chaos in Argimil. Most of the nobles, at least the coastal lords have turned to the hedonism and pleasures of the church of Chaos. For this reason the commoners refer to their liege as King Jiku the Heathen.

Jiku’s younger brother Hozel, rumored to be the insane offspring of demon-kynde, was raised in a lawful monastery. He is an obsessive puritan, responsible for a series of bloody purges to eliminate Chaos from the land. Sorcerers, philosophers and even university students are often his victims. Smoke from wooden pyres darken the skies as he burns them alive.

Argimils are renowned for their politeness and urban manners. The city-dwellers of the coast are generally freethinking and liberated, welcoming change. Conversely the peasants and southern nobles seek a return to the past, the worship of law and the stability of bygone days.

Foreigners are frequent in Argimil congregating most often in Cadsandria City of Learning, a city as famous for its learned populace as it is for its rich wines. If one walks down the streets of Cadsandira the most common sounds are voices raised in laughter or hushed while philosophy is discussed in a dozen different dialects and languages.

The Young Kingdom of Argimil

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