The Weeping Waste

The weeping waste This vast, mist-shrouded valley lies to the east of Vilmir. A place of eternal rains, the ground is softly-turfed and wet which makes any sort of road impossible to maintain. This waving sea of green is broken by silvery lakes and fens, and here and there by ancient stands of woodland. Animals abound in the waste, including mammoths and bears, which are also the favored prey of terrible beasts that roam here.

The beast-folk have long shunned this place, for reasons that are largely forgotten. The legends are frightening and diverse, but most indicate the Wastes were another domain of the ancients. Similar to The Silent Land on the western continenent, which is also shrouded in mystery and mist.

Some humans do live in the Waste however. These barbarians dress in ellaborate fringed-leather or fur garments. They adorn their bodies with ritual scars instead of jewelry. Their curious tongue has no written form, but they do use certain symbols, mostly carved on trees, to warn each other about local dangers. They display great skill in tracking and bow craft. Some ride shaggy ponies native to the waste, smaller and hardier than the saddlehorses common in the west.

The tribes of the Waste are nomadic, roaming the green rain-washed steppes. At certain seasons they come together to celebrate, before separating once more into their individual tribes and retracing their ritual paths about the Waste. They worship the lords of nature and beasts and their ancestors. They are suspicious of foreigners, and the more superstitious among them claim that only the Waste is the real world, and that beyond the clouds of mist and rain lies hell, the realm of Chaos.

Some sages believe the barbarians are the descendents of a slave-class the ancients used to build their cities and temples. Very few of these barbarians ever leave the Wastes, and those that do never claim to know anything about a lost city or other ruins from an ancient civilization.

The Weeping Waste

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