The Stone Magocracy of Mirak

The stone magocracy of mirak

Size: 2’518 square miles Allegiance: None Government: Magocracy Population: 32’712, 13 persons per square mile; 65% Urban Dwellers, 15% Rural Dwellers, 20% Abroad; 99% Human, 01% Beastfolk; 25% Military, 12% Clergy, 10% Nobility, 40% Urban Workers, 13% Rural Commoners; 20% Chaos, 25% Balance, 55% Law Law Rank: 3 Transitions: 50+ Years of Order Legal Code: Old Legal Code Enforcement: Moderate Corruption: Hardly Any Social Standing: Usually Matters

Though Magic itself is viewed as a force of chaos, the wizard ministers of Mirak wield it with absolute authority to promote their own power and preserve the peace. In Mirak, it is the wizards that govern and pass judgement over commoners. The nobility of Mirak are an seclusive class of elitists who spend as much time in private libraries and laboratories as they do in decadent palaces. Most of the day-to-day decisions and leadership fall to the ministers who are groomed in special arcane colleges to serve the nobility.

Mirak is not broken up into provinces as is common in most other lands. Society in Mirak is largely caste-based, with peasant commoners at the bottom. Peasants do not own land or property, they merely tend it as serfs. The land outside of Dire Port is largely rural and undeveloped. Settlements are established by the ministers in various places to gather resources, be they logging camps, farming villages, quarries, or the like. Little construction takes place outside of Dire Port except for majestic wizards towers, secluded monasteries, orchards and vineyards.

Most of the lands resources are fed to the maw of the sprawling city of Dire Port which is one of Trels largest producers of fine goods and magic items. As the only seaworthy port on the island it is quite crowded. Being neutral in matters of war between law and chaos gives Mirak a clear trade advantage over its neighbor Gildor and its docks are busy 24 hours a day. Miraks magical might is clearly demonstrated by the huge ball of light that appears at dusk to brighten the city streets better then moonlight.

Foreigners are tolerated in Dire Port as long as they are there to trade or do business. Few outsiders actually live and own property in Dire Port. Travel into the interior of Mirak is strictly forbidden… the better to keep serfs ignorant and docile. Dire Port is perhaps best known for its sentient golems, known as the stone soldiers that guard the ministries and wizards palaces.

The Stone Magocracy of Mirak

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