The Stone Country of Dorel

Dorel war axe

Size: 8’280 square miles Allegiance: Nature Government: Clan Population: 28’000, 3 persons per square mile; 0% Urban Dwellers, 95% Rural Dwellers 5% Abroad; 75% Human, 25% Beastfolk; 40% Warriors, 10% Clergy, 5% Nobility, 45% Rural Commoners; 10% Chaos, 40% Balance, 50% Law Law Rank: 5 Transitions: 100+ years of orderly transitions Legal Code: Recent Legal Code – Clan Law Enforcement: Moderate Corruption: Hardly Any Social Standing: Always Matters

The stone country of dorel Known for venomous serpents and tribes of wild, whooping, barbarians Dorel is a dangerous country to explore. It’s landscape consists of bare moorland dotted with outcrops, narrow rushing streams and hardy twisted trees. Snow covers Dorel for over half the year, and even at the height of summer it is considerably cooler then the temperate lands to the north. Here and there great slabs of stone rear up from the barren earth, pinnacles of granite rising to dizzying heights. From several of these one may survey the land for a hundred miles, or more, in any direction.

Dorels are feared as raiders throughout the south. Their tribes pillage settlements across the continent. They are known to use swift, slender vessels along the coast. They dress in crudely dyed leathers, tunics and furs adorned with crude bone and metal pins. Dorels build no cities. Their restless nature encourages a nomadic lifestyle. The harshness of their land reflects in their lives. Dorels abandon the old and weak to the mercy of the elements. They take no prisoners.

Exceedingly superstitious Dorels fear and hate the lords of chaos but they will not adopt the laws of civilization either. They live by a Clan Law even more primitive, but more honorable, then The Young Kingdoms of Oin and Yu. Their laws are based off the laws of nature, and human nature itself. Many underestimate their wisdom.

The Stone Country of Dorel

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