The Black Theocracy of Pan Tang

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Size: 4’800 square miles Allegiance: Chaos Government: Theocracy Population: 76’800, 16 persons per square mile; 70% Local, 30% Slaves; 42% Urban Dwellers, 50% Rural Dwellers, 8% Abroad; 99.9% Human, .01% Melnibonean; 15% Military, 20% Clergy, 5% Nobility; 20% Urban Workers, 40% Rural Commoners; 80% Chaos, 2% Balance, 18% Law Law Rank: 6 Transitions: 100+ years of orderly transitions Legal Code: Recent Legal Code – Vods Law Enforcement: Moderate Corruption: None Social Standing: Usually Matters

The black theocracy of pan tang As worshipers of the Lords of Chaos, the people of Pan Tang claim to be heirs to the sorcieries of Melnibon. However the Melniboneans say this is impossible, for humans cannot comprehend its dark beauty. Even if this is true the people of Pan Tang must surely be the closest to the Melniboneans in this regard. They cruelly terrorize anyone they view as a threat, jealous of Melnibon’s position, prowess, and magical ability.

Pan Tang is a bleak, storm-lashed isle of black rock and volcanic glass in a black sea. The capital city, Cran Liret City of Screams, is a vile place of sadistic delights and twisted statues. These statues are the remains of those that anger Theocrat Vod Dharzi, ruler of Pan Tang. Horribly his victims still live as it is only their skin that hardens. The sobs and screams of these damned souls echo incessantly, as do the roars of the tigers of the northern jungles, or beasts from other lands that prowl the iron-paved city streets as pets.

SlavesThe slave market of Pan Tang is large even compared to Melnibon but the turnaround rate is much greater. Pan Tangians kill slaves out-of-hand so replacements are in constant demand. For this reason Pan Tangian slavers are widely feared and most would-be-prisoners would choose to fight for their lives if they are wise. The Theocrat has forbidden visitors from the outside world so the only outsiders that live to see Pan Tang are the slaves themselves and they don’t live long enough to tell anyone about it.

The Black Theocracy of Pan Tang

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