Nadsokar City of Beggars

Nadsokar Beggars cleaver The City of Nadsokar, also known as “The City of Beggars”, is infamous throughout the young kingdoms. Located in northern Ilmiora it was once part of neighboring Vilmir, which abandoned the city long ago because of plague. Soon after wards groups of beggars, bandits and thieves moved in to occupy the empty streets and buildings.

Vilmir felt well rid of such vermin and made no effort to retake the city. They hoped the plague would do their work for them. Later when the undesirables declared themselves independent and free of the tyranny of Vilmir there was no public outcry or objection.

Centuries later the city has become a haven for the unwashed. Filth-choked streets, half collapsed towers and decaying buildings now house a population far more numerous then originally intended; despite the continuing ravages of disease, starvation and lawlessness.

There may be no honor among thieves but there is a hierarchy. King Urish the Seven Fingered rules the city but Baron Isell runs it.

Nadsokar City of Beggars

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