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The northern young kingdoms This archipelago consists of three small islets, Amashii, Kiashu, and Wa’aiy’oro, and Melnibon itself also called The Dragon Isle. Only Melnibon, the largest peice of the great meteor, is inhabited today. All four islands were populated at the height of Melnibon’s imperial splendor. The Melnibonean lords crowd a single city on the main island, Imrryr City of Blood.

Melnibon is warm and humid in summer, the winters cool although rarely unpleasantly cold, and it receives a high rainfall all year. Beyond the gleaming towers the remainder of the island is slowly being claimed by nature. Fields of opium poppies, abandoned villas, secret glades and mossy stones are empty save for birds, beasts, and the occasional slave gathering herbs and opium for their master. Melniboneans are completely dependent on their slaves who outnumber them ten-to-one. Slaves are often themselves drugged to ensure their obedience.

Landing on the Dragon Isle is virtually impossible, as a treacherous sea-maze guards the port, and reefs and dangerous currents ring about steep cliffs off the shore. Melnibon has has enjoyed languorous slumber undisturbed for centuries.

Melniboneans spend their days in drug-induced splendor, preferring to remember the wonders of the past rather than face reality. In past centuries their Empire drenched distant lands in blood. Today they are retired bleeding their former provinces with banks and trade-tarrifs instead of outright plunder.

Human visitors are restricted to a small section of Imrryr. They are not given access to most of Melnibon’s delights because the Melniboneans still consider most other peoples to be their subjects. Any talk to the contrary is the ultimate breach of good taste.

Human folk that do inhabit Melnibon are without exception beholden to the Melnibonean Lords in one way or the other even if they are not household servants. Most serve as soldiers, sailors, or common craftsman though artisans, bards and other performers are also common. The defenses of Imrryr are quite imposing. The first line of defense is the Melnibonean Battle Barge, which patrol the sea. Blood Legions drill outside the walls and of course there are always Dragons circling the skies.


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