Isle of the Purple Towns

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Sea axe Home to a race of sailors or merchants, renowned for honesty and seamanship, the island of the purple towns is a free and prosperous civilization. Although a precarious balance does exists upon the isle between the old nobility and the new and powerful merchant class, this has not stopped the isle from becoming a center of trade to rival Immryr. Incidentally Purple Town traders are not smiled upon by Melnibon.

The isle gained her freedom at the time of the Lormyrian rebellion some four hundred years ago. Since that time the Isle has consolidated its power so that today its folk are the best and most trustworthy sailors of the Young Kingdoms.

Long-bearded and leather-clad Purple Towners are found in every port where free trade is welcomed. It’s nobles spend the year celebrating one festival after another, roaming the island in a continuous cavalcade, while its peasant folk till the soil as they always have.

It is the color of the islands stones that gave the island its name. The same stones from which they construct buildings and houses. It is a pleasant place of fields and small farms, the warmer lowlands of the north giving way to rugged mountains in the interior, and sheep-dotted moors in the south.

Menii City of Sails is the isle’s modern and stylish capital, while the nobility chooses to live in northerly Kariss City of Wind, a more sedate and lethargic city. Such is the array of goods available on the isle from every corner of Trel that if something cannot be bought here it is likely not for sale. The Lords of Law and Lords of Elements are commonly worshiped here.

Count Smiorgan Baldhead is a a major figure in the council of nobles that rule the isle. A son of an old and established family he made a vast fortune adopting the merchants creed, much to the disdain of his more conservative peers.

Isle of the Purple Towns

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