Dragon Kynde

Dragon Kynde 3

This ancient race serve Dragons. Over Millennium they developed a grand society to better serve their dragon lords and they are the keepers of ancient dragon lore and dragon magic.

Medium Size Draconic Humanoid
Hit Dice: 2d10
Initiative: As Dex
Speed: 30’
AC: +4 Natural
Attacks: By Weapon
Damage: By Weapon
Face/Reach: 5’/5’
Special Attacks: Breath Weapon; 30’ Cone of Dehydration, 1d8 Dmg per HD, Ref 1/2 = HD + Con Mod
Special Qualities: Elemental Resistance (5), Learn spells as Sorcerer of = HD
Saves: +2 Ref, +2 Will
Abilities: Con +1, Int +1, Cha +1
Skills: 6 + Int; Concentration, Craft, Decipher Script, Diplomacy, Knowledge (Arcana), Knowledge (History), Knowledge (Planes), Search, Spellcraft, Use Magic Device
Feats: Typically Dodge or Improved Initiative
Bonus Feat: Combat Casting
ECL: +4

Climate/Terrain: Trel
Challenge Rating: 4
Alignment: Almost Always Lawful Neutral
Advancement: By Class

Dragon Kynde

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