Divine Magic

On Trel the following spells function differently.

  • Detect Good/Evil This spell is not available to most Clerics on Trel for the simple fact that none of the Lords of Law, Lords of Chaos, or Lords of Nature use those domains.
  • Protection from Good/Evil ^ Same as above
  • Magic Circle against Good/Evil ^ Same as above

This does not apply to those who worship a god from another plane. Nor does it apply to those that adopted the cause of good or evil on another plane such as the Narasinhai or the Thodol. Some claim the ancients had Incantations capable of detecting good/evil.

  • Detect Law/Chaos This spell will not reveal alignments of everyone to the caster. In other words this spell only functions in a very limited and specific way. Divine casters may detect followers of another Demigod. They may also detect artifacts or outsiders. By holy-mandate a divine caster may use the spell to locate and assess a specific person of known persuasion and reputation. (As the inquisition often does) Rarely, an aura of willpower itself can be detected. This aura may even linger in specific places like a home or the scene of a murder for example.

Divine Magic

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