Demon Kynde

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Though all demons personify evil and chaos they do not all serve the same master. On Trel most demons are minions of Arioch, Duke of Hell, Lord of the Seven Darks… patron deity of Melnibonea. Some demons are summoned to Trel for evil ends by other would-be masters.. The rarest and most independent of all demons however are the demon-kynde; the offspring of demons and more common races.

The first demon-kynde on Trel was fathered 800 years ago by a Melnibonean sorcerer named Arcalaus. Arcalaus created his brood after a particularly harrowing astral projection which convinced him that Lord Arioch could not be trusted. He believed that Melniboneans had to mix their blood with demons if they had any hope of surviving the comming future.

Little else is known of Arcalaus or his predictions. His journey left him with little sanity and he dissapeared soon after he started raving warnings in public. Afterwards he set about secretly forming the cult of madness. Some time later the demon-kynde made their presence known as the Melnibonean empire began to fracture. Preaching doom and hellfire they spread the taint of their makers madness furthering his demented ambitions.

Officially the Melnibonean Emperor has denounced Arcalaus and forbid demon-kynde rights equal to full blood Melniboneans. Most are killed on sight if they are discovered by mandate of Arioch himself. Nevertheless the cult of madness is spreading and the demon-kynde are known to be their most dangerous and formidable members.


Demon-kynde inherited much of their makers madness. They each have a strange tic or obsession they must fulfill or they quite literally loose control of their conscious faculties. That is their only common quality however their appearance varies as much as normal offspring do.

It is rare for anyone to willingly breed with a demon-kynde so they make a habit of capturing victims for this purpose. They usually have no desire to take care of their own spawn they give them over to the cult of madness for a proper upbringing.

Demon Kynde

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