Corvis The City of Ghosts

City of corvis

The city of Corvis was built atop a swamp almost five hundred years ago. In that time, parts of it have sunk into the swamp, becoming the Undercity. This is the realm of criminals but there are also tales of very dark and sinister things living in the Undercity.

The city has built up, hemmed in by the swamp and the Widowers Wood. The level above the Undercity is Old Corvis. New Corvis is built on top of that. In general, the higher up your house and/or shop, the wealthier you are. The city’s structures are interconnected with ramps, bridges, canals and tunnels.

  • Organizations

The Merchants Guild is the most powerful of the many guilds in Corvis. The Merchants Guild Hall is the most opulent structure in Corvis. Even more impressive than City Hall. Other prominent guilds in Corvis are the Caravaners Guild, the Fraternal Order of Wizardry, and the Steam and Iron Workers Union.

There are a few criminal gangs in Corvis. In the northwest are the in-fighting, often leaderless Griffons. In the southwest are the Black Hand, who have an effective leader named Arrick and have been quite profitable. The eastern side of the city has what’s left of the once major crime family the Gertans. The Gertans might not have as much territory as they used to, but they’re still formiddable. The other gangs leave them alone on their own turf.

  • Noteworty Shops

Garworth’s – Run by Burrman Garworth, his shop is known as one of the finer arcana emporiums in the city. He caters to local wizards, alchemists and arcane mechaniks. The man himself is known as a wizard of formiddable skill and a member of the local Fraternal Order of Wizardry.

Bodak’s Blades – Run by Hamil Bodak, Bodak’s Blade is a full-service armor and weapons establishment. It’s also a place where someone can go to hire muscle.

Pitt’s Pistols – Angmar Pitt is the premier gunsmith in Corvis.

Engines East – Run by Gamack the Red, Engines East caters to the owners and operators of steamjacks.

  • Cathedral of Mirath

The Cathedral of Mirath in Corvis is the largest in Gildor and boasts the longest history of any holy ground in the region. The Cathedral occupies a small island in the eastern part of the city and is attached to the mainland by two small bridges. There is a small graveyard on the premises, and in it lie generations of priests and friends of the church. An imposing granite tomb lies just outside the entrance of the Cathedral.

The Church of Mirath (LN Goddess of Death/Time) is well known in the city of ghosts. Her priests are present at births, deaths, weddings and funerals. They also practice the arts of healing knowing that no intervention, magical or otherwise, can keep a destined soul from the gates of Mirath’s twilight kingdom.

  • The City Watch

The watch in Corvis is competent, well trained, and well equipped. The watchmen are guards, constables, detectives, and on occasion even judges and executioners. When the watch apprehends a criminal, justice is swift and harsh. Trials are conducted quickly, within days. Penalties are usually physical punishment (including hard labor), fines, or both. Perpetrators of minor crimes do note get a trial at all. The watch captain on duty issues a summary judgment, and punishment (such as a night in the stocks) is carried out without the courts involvement. Treatment of citizens is equal before the law.

Crimes in corvis

Corvis The City of Ghosts

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