Vie, Selkis

Ranger/Rogue from another Plane.


Female, 36, 5’5”, 135lbs, golden-green eyes, long wavy burgundy hair, Pale skin.


Selkis Vie is the result of an affair between the Elven Queen Gwendolyn of Heartwood and the late Duke Justinian Leontine of Acamea, on the world of Ayodya. Neither of Selki’s parents could commit to raising a child. At the time Duke Justinian was Sir Justintian and Queen Gwendolyn was Princess Gwendolyn. Neither the former king of Acamea or the former king of the Elves wanted an unplanned alliance so they kept the affair a secret.

It was decided the child should be sent far away unto another plane to prevent issues in the future. Neither king wanted the other access to a hostage. Selkis was sent by The Royal Mages to the Wilderness of the Beastlands, a realm sacred to the elves which was also a favorite hunting ground for Acamean Nobility. From there she appeared on Trel against her will by magical means.

She began play as a Ranger but is now taking levels as a Rogue.

Vie, Selkis

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