The Witchblade Campaign

Player Characters | NPC’s ­(In order of appearance)

Kel stormrage Wadock, Gunner
Sir Shey Shanovar Vie, Selkis
. Prelate Dumas, Pandor
. Ciannor, Alexia
. Captain Helstrom, Julian
. Inquisitor Sirac, Dexer

Background The Iron Kingdom of Gildor

Kel Stormrage is an aspiring necromancer born in Gildor. The laws of Gildor forbid the practice of necromancy without an official contract and the Fraternal Order of Wizards does not often train apprentices in the dark arts. Therefor Kel has decided that he will do his best to pick up on the secrets of the dead without an official blessing. In the meantime however, he has to earn a living somehow and there is always work for wizards that operate outside the laws of government.

Sir Shey Shanovar is a Dover Knight. Dover have a long history of cooperation and mutual respect with humans, those of Gildor especially. After years of dilligent service to his lord in the unexplored wilderness of the north (unexplored by humans anyway), Sir Shanovar has been granted a leave of absence as a reward. Not one to sit about idly on his haunches Sir Shanovar has decided to use the time to travel and seek adventure.

Selkis Vie is not technically on Trel when this campaign begins. Although this is unknown to her her birth is the result of an affair between the Elven Queen Gwendolyn of Heartwood and the late Duke Justinian Leontine of Acamea. Of course neither of Selki’s parents could commit to raising a child. At the time Duke Justinian was Sir Justintian and Queen Gwendolyn was Princess Gwendolyn. Neither the former king of Acamea or the former king of the Elves wanted an unplanned alliance so they kept the affair a secret. It was decided the child should be sent far away unto another plane to prevent issues in the future. Neither king wanted the other access to a hostage. Selkis was sent by The Royal Mages to the Wilderness of the Beastlands, a realm sacred to the elves which was also a favorite hunting ground for Acamean Nobility.

Act 1: Part 1 “The Caravan”


The PC’s begin their campaign in the city of Grom in the kindgom of Dharijor. They are hired as escorts of a merchant caravan bound for Corvis, the northernmost city in the kingdom of Gildor. Their employer is a gruff sort named Gunner Waddock. Gunners caravan includes three wagons and three drivers. His cargo consists of many oddities and fineries from far off lands that should fetch good prices in Corvis. As a favor he is also delivering two chests from the Cardinal of the church of law in Vilmir to Prelate Dumas of the cathedral of Mirath in Corvis.

The journey from Dharijor to Gildor is largely unneventful and they make good time despite the fact it is already deep into winter. Gunner estimated a travel time of two to three weeks but he is only paying his escorts a dozen steel peices apeice regardless of how long it takes.

Opening Scene

It is mid day when Gunner spots a landmark and says they should be in Corvis by nightfall. Shortly thereafter an unnatural fog starts to blow across the road and within it a dozen small goblinoids called Gobbers wait to ambush the caravan. Gunner shouts in alarm as his lead draft horse gets impaled by a clever spear trap halting the caravan in its tracks.

Several small-sized javelins whistle through the fog thudding into wood and flesh. Two of the teamsters are killed and Sir Shanovar bravely charges into the fog to do battle. Meanwhile Gunner is shouting orders but everyone is in a panic except for Kel who starts firing off magic-missiles while Gunner loads his crossbow.

Sir Shanovar slays several of the gobbers though he suffers a few wounds himself including a sprained ankle. As such he is unable to rush to the aid of the wagon at the rear of the caravan that shouts for help through the fog. Instead Gunner runs to the rescue and kills two more gobbers with a crossbow. The creatures were clambering over the cart with hatchets hoping to hack into the drivers skull as well as the ropes securing the goods.

With shouts of panic and victory the remaining gobbers run off into the brush carrying off three of Gunners chests. Grudingly Gunner accepts his losses and asks the PC’s to drive the two carts with no one at the reins. Sir Shanovar is happy to do so as it allows him to take the weight off his ankle.

Act 1: Part 2 “The Cathedral of Mirath” Corvis The City of Ghosts

Opening Scene:

When the caravan finally arrives at the cathedral of Mirath it is past nightfall. However they are not the first late-night visitors to come calling tonight. Selkis Vie appeared outside the cathedral minutes ago. Alexia spotted her peeping through one of the stain glassed windows.

Her uncle Pandor brought her inside to questioned her after casting tongues so they could understand each other. Selkis is still quite bewildered when Gunner arrives. Pandor kindly asks her to excuse him for a minute so he can welcome him. “It’s been a long time old friend.” He says greeting him at the doorway.

Gunner grunts sourly. “I wish it was a happier reunion. We got ambushed earlier by gobbers. Those little cretins killed two of my men and stole three chests of goods off my wagons!” Gunner shakes his fist before gesturing to the Dover and Kel. “I hired these men in Grom to guard the cargo. They were wounded in the battle.”

Prelate Dumas nods solemly. “I am sorry for your loss is there anything I can do for you?”

Gunner grunts again. “I’d appreciate it if you could see to a proper burial for the dead and clean up these two. I may need their services again.”

Prelate Dumas nods again. “Of course. Is there anything else?”

“Yes I brought a chest for you from Cardinal Garrick.”

Prelate Dumas frowns. “From cardinal Garrick you say? ...There was a rumor he was drafting an important new mandate for the church. Strange, the last time I remember receiving anything addressed from the cardinal personally was ten years ago”... on the order to have my sister executed for witchcraft he finished silently to himself.

Gunner recognized the pain in Pandors eyes. “I got the impression it was important but too hell with cardinal Garrick!”... _ the other chest he sent for you is in the grimy hands of gobbers now_ he did not add. “Here is some steel to look after my men.” He said producing a pair of steel bars.

Prelate Dumas beckoned an acolyte by his side to respectfully receive the generous donation.

“As for you two”... Gunner says turning to address Kel and the Dover. ...”If you want more work in the future you will pay all proper respects to prelate Dumas. Here is your payment.” He says handing them each a small pouch of steel coin.

Meanwhile Selkis bit her lip in awe staring at the Dover. She had never seen his like before. He gave her a start when he walked in. Her first thought was werewolf! ...Although he did not resemble a wolf much at all. His was some other sort of canine breed… sleeker and more civilized. in fact he did not look very savage. His eyes were human-like, golden-brown and full of pride.

Kel had a stranger aura though he was indeed human. Kels eyes were full of detachment and his hands flexed and relaxed like an nervous tick. Both ladies observed the newcomers introduce themselves to prelate Dumas but Alexia attributes Kels nervous habit to a spellcaster.

the next morning



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