Beast-folk in the Theocracy of Vilmir

Background The Young Theocracy of Vilmir

In the Theocracy of Vilmir, beast-folk are only common in the outlands. Cardinal Garrick does not credit beast-folk equal rights to men, though technically the Church of Law does. Therefor any beast-folk that is detained must have reputable witnesses and friends to vouch for them to have any chance for a favorable sentence. Unlike the kingdom of Gildor, the church of Law oversees all trials in Vilmir. Beast-folk that find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time are sometimes captured as convenient scapegoats for all manner of crimes. In this way the commoners have an outsider to blame which usually suites them better. Real criminals in Vilmir know how to grease palms to avoid a trial, and in some cases they are actually henchmen for nobles or corrupt church officials.

However, in the Outlands beast-folk are better respected by the locals who value their hunting and scouting skills. Most human towns have befriended at least one beast-folk to barter with and a few openly trade with them. However, it still takes months of cooperation and trade before the more dangerous races are allowed to wander freely among them. Vilmirian children are usually taught horror-stories about beast-folk as further incentive to stay in sight of home.

Weather & Season

It is early winter with temperatures in the thirties during the day, near zero after dark. In a couple months temperatures may get into the negatives. It’s not as bad as the Iron Imperium of Romanus far to the north, but nontheless northern Vilmir is colder then the average this time of year in this region of the continent.

The reason for that is that it lies just east of the largest mountain range on Trel. Icy rain and snow from these peaks will blanket northern Vilmir throughout the winter season. Further north, the golden desert of Ist generates massive swirling windstorms that sometimes head south, bypassing the mountains through northern Vilmir before it hits the dense ocean air to the south. In other words… the weather is currently cold and miserable. If you aren’t careful the windchill of a northerly wind gust combined with icy rain can kill you if you are caught out in the open without shelter.

Player Characters



The great hairy form of the canite bounded down the bouldery slope, black claws scrapping against jagged stone edges, small trees shaking in his wake as he used his long gangly arms to slow down an otherwise thrilling descent. Must get there fast!

The armor-glint Men had shouted the town was sacked, had mutter-cried fell curses for the cat-flyers who had killed loved ones and started fires, had signed themselves wildly and said demons were involved. He had heard it all, long ears twitching, huge eyes aglow, from where he hid amidst cat-tail grass and cold pre-dawn mist. Most importantly, the Men had been girthing themselves for war, preparing to leave-march out of the garrison, to reinforce the town. Must hurry!

Ruststalker gratefully dropped back to all fours as hill once more gave way to forest—free to gallop through leaves mushy with recent rain, sharp fangs to the morning air, chainmail clinking heavily against cold iron weapons and coarse armor plates.

There would be meat – bodies by the dozen – tools, furs, weapons, goods unattended: the clan would eat! (He quickly scent-marked a low bush, trail-signing the way to the Human’s open larder). Perhaps even better and he, Ruststalker, could feed-gorge his own hungers: secrets and plans, treasure maps, a device small enough to carry-drag away and study! Something intricate, with gears and cogs and clever-deadly intent! Maybe there will even be a giant huffing-puff, all jet-hot steam and moving-churning-turning iron limbs!

If only he had not been so far from den and clan to begin with (but his kynde scavenged far). If only clan-kin would answer! A feral grin uncovers a panting sea of slick-white teeth: truly sad, truly-really, but the adventure would have to be all his if they did not hurry…

Mar Rhigan

As he glides down from his treetop perch the Myyrrn smiles to himself. It is great to be heading out. I know where my path lies, and as much as I would love to see the Fae, and Myyrrn come together, and as much as I will work to make that happen. I am finally going to do it. I am going to become a Druidic Ranger! All I need to do I believe is to find a Druid who will help me start down the path. I already know a little, so I have packed light, I have kept metal to a minimum. I have provided hide armor for myself, so I will not have to change that. I know I will like this much more than making those steam powered machines my Fae family made for a living, but that was interesting at the time.

Since I finished my education with my Myyrrn family, I have not always felt wanted. Some members of the village see me as a traitor, or one who is corrupted. I was treated the same way in the Fae village later on. In both cases I was really lucky that blood ties mean so much to beast-folk. I remember how exited the Fae were when I was found. They had heard about Myyrrn, but had never seen one that close. However the one thing I could tell them was my name. A name the fae recognized. It is the name of my fae grandparents who were captured many years ago by the Melniboneans. The fae here assumed my relatives were long dead and were happy to see that something of them still lived on. My fae cousins took me in, raised me a good portion of my childhood, and taught me what it meant to be Fae.

I was taught to work and repair machines that Men are using to create a new modern age. I have not yet lived among men but if a myyrrn can live among fae, humans shouldn’t be any harder. When I was old enough and strong enough to travel I asked for permission to search for other Myyrrn. As I traveled through the forest for the first time I felt at home. The wilderness provided all I needed.

When I discovered where the Myyrrn were located my cousins welcomed me. I gave them greetings from my Fae family. Some of the Myyrrn decided that I was not welcome around them. They thought I could not be trusted, because the fae were so close to men. It was then that I started going out into the wild seeking a place unclaimed by all. I go there for solice, solitude, contemplation, and to listen to nature. Hopefully this way I will also prepare myself for training on the path of the Druid. Once I manage to find one…

As he lands gracefully to the ground Mar starts walking towards Laundesburg. A pity he does not have time to resupply at the home of his Fae cousins, who long ago legally adopted him according to Fae custom. He would like to see his “brothers” again. Members of his fae family are among the leaders of their village which makes them ideal contacts for the Myyrrn, and he their ideal spokesman. He is happy that he’s managed to established a dialogue between his two families but that in itself is not his only goal in life.

Act 1: Part 1, Laendersburg

Northern vilmir Laendersburg

Scene 1: Investigating Laendersburg

Rust and Mar glimpse Laendersburg at a distance of a half-mile at approximately four pm on the third day of travel. Rust is approaching from the north-east, Mar is approaching from the north-west. They are a half-mile from each other. Neither of then are aware of the other at this point and at this distance it would be difficult to attract each others attention even by accident.

Currently it is not raining but there are plenty of dark clouds overhead that may create a downpour after dark in about an hour. The moon will not rise for 3-4 hours and it won’t be visible until it clears the eastern peaks.

From this distance the town is eerily dark and quiet. There are no visible fires, lamps or other signs of life. The log wall surrounding the town proper appears to be intact. The only entrance through the wall are the gates facing north. These gates appear to be open slightly and not battered down which is not surprising. Even if they had enough warning to close the gates before the attack it wouldn’t have done them any good. Asherak can fly over them.

Beyond the wall the town is surrounded by frozen fields and farmhouses. Approximately four farms per side… the ground has been cleared to a distance of two hundred yards past the farms for a total distance of 1,200 feet or so. Most of the farmhouses appear to be made of stone, likely from the same stones they pulled from their fields. Several houses have carts or wagons or barns or wells. Some farmhouses have burnt roofs and battered doorways. A few tendrils of smoke are barely visible from some of the burnt buildings. There are also a few carts, perhaps horses abandoned on the roadway outside the gate.

It’s hard to make out individual human bodies on the ground but there may be hundreds lying in the mud and frost. You can move up to the cleared area around the town normally without being spotted unless there are sentries at the treeline. If you want to hide/move silently at this point it will take you approximately a half hour to reach the treeline. Nightfall will be close at your heals at that point. If you want to estimate the time of the Asherak attack roll an intelligence check.

<< Rust IC >> Hrmmm. Smiling to itself the great beast drops to all fours and soflty pads forwards, bound on a spiralling path. The lack of warm-eating smoke is… puzzling. So is the absence of cawing crows, ever present brother-scouts to the greatest of feasts where are the hated-loved ones? Ruststalker slowly crouches low on his powerful haunches and watches, great green eyes narrowed in concentration, open mouth softly panting, furry ears pricking this way and that. A trap? Please, please let it be a trap-challenge-competition!
  • -Listen (28) << DM >> It is erriely quiet.
  • -Spot (25) << DM >> You are correct there are no crows or other scavengers in sight. Very observant :)
  • -Survival (25) << DM >> Something bothers you about this scene. There should be more activity, bears, coyotee’s or wolves should be sniffing around the abandoned houses on the outskirts. If you want to be extra cautious there is a slight breeze from the north so if you want to approach downwind you’ll have to move around the clearing towards the south side of town.
  • -Timing of the Asherak Attack (16) << DM >> From the amount of smoke rising from the burnt houses its likely this attack happened several days ago, which is consistent to when you first heard the rumor. You did manage to get here as fast as you could. You know that any help from the larger city of Stahl to the north would take longer even on horseback. Even so, it’s possible humans may arrive tomorrow or the day after.
  • -Move silently (16)
<< Heat Stalker >>
  • -Listen (20) Shadows lengthen as the sun starts to fall on the horizon, Rust circles towards the town but he is not alone in the trees. Something heard him, and that something is downwind of him. Unaware of the danger the large cainite moves towards a large broken pine dusted with snow. Likely the victim of a lightning strike the trunk has snapped four feet off the ground and the majority of its branches are crushed beneath its weight. Rust intends to duck beneath the trunk rather then spring over it. The large cat slinks down the trunk preparing to pounce on him.
  • -Hide (17)
<< Rust OOC >> The large cainite has only a moments chance to spot the ambush.
  • -Spot (9) Fail

<< DM >> Start of surprise Round

<< Heat Stalker >> The cat springs as Rust slinks beneath the pine achieving complete surprise. The large cainite is momentarily pinned to the ground as the cat lands its full weight on his back. Razor sharp claws grip against his chain shirt while immensely strong jaws bite into his unprotected neck and spine.
  • Bite Attack(18) hit, DMG: (6) The large cainite howls in surprise and agony. The pain of these teeth is unlike any he’s felt before it’s as if they are made of ice! The unnatural chill peirces through muscle and flesh deep into his core as though his body warmth itself is being drained through his wounds.

<< Rust IC >> Ruststalkers howl turns to full-throated, open-mouthed aggression. WAaaaaaarrrg!

<< Mar Rhigan OOC >>
  • -Listen Check (17) Success << DM >> Mar hears the sound of something in dire pain and takes to the air to rush to the scene. He is still a few rounds away at best movement.

<< DM >> End of surprise Round

<< DM >> Start of first Round

<< Rust OOC >>
  • -Initiative (16) Loose
<< Heat Stalker >>
  • -Initiative (22) Win
  • -Tries to initiate a grapple with its bite attack. Provokes
<< Rust IC >> Ruststalker tries to wrench-roll sideways in the light snow, a powerful move designed to pound with the circling fist, to crush his enemy beneath him, to dominate the pile with tooth and claws.
  • -Attack of Opportunity Initiate Grapple (6) Miss
<< Heat Stalker >>
  • -Initiate Grapple w/ Bite Attack (10) Miss
  • -Claw Attack (23) Hit, DMG: (6)
  • -Claw Attack (17) Hit, DMG: (2)
  • -5 ft. Step
<< Rust IC >> Cat of blood and ice is too agile to roll over on, raking him with claws as she hops away on her death-silent feet. Without pause the canite pursues, the roll first bringing him to his feet as giant crowbar of steel hisses out of his back sheath. Rust lays eyes on strange eyeless cat as it snaps at him.
  • -Move Action: Stand up from prone and draw Cold Iron crowbar. Provokes

Heat stalker

<< Heat Stalker >>
  • Attack of opportunity Bite (16) Miss
<< Rust IC >> Giant crowbar of steel blurs with the circling swing.
  • -Melee Attack (27) Critical! DMG: (24)
  • -Instant Kill Check (9) Not instant kill
  • -Critical Hit Location Check (10) Left Foreleg
<< Heat Stalker >>
  • -Fortitude Save vs. Massive Damage, DC 25 (25) Saves!

<< DM >> Rust’s crowbar hits the heat stalker square with the strength of both arms connecting on its left shoulder with a sickening crunch buising muscle and splintering bone! This time it is the heat stalker that howls in agony.

<< Rust OOC >>
  • -1 damage this round from heat stalkers Heat Draining Aura (Su)(30ft radius)
  • -1 damage from blood loss from piercing wound suffered in Combat last round.
  • -Total damage taken this round (16)
  • -Bloodied this round
<< Heat Stalker OOC >>
  • -Left foreleg broken by bludgeoning weapon this round, 1/2 move until healed.
  • -Total Temporary Hit Points gained through Heat Draining Aura + melee attacks (Su) this round, (6)
  • -Total damage taken this round (24)
  • -Bloodied this round
  • -Crippled this round

<< DM >> End of first Round

<< DM >> Start of second Round

<< Heat Stalker >>
  • -5ft. step (Move Action)
  • -Total Defense (Standard Action)
  • -Growls (Free Action)

Crippled in obvious pain the heat stalker slinks back out of reach of Rusts crowbar. Though it has no eyes, it still emotes the look of defiance. A deep primal growl emminates from its chest while the hairs on its neck and back puff up like any cornered cat. An unspoken challenge hangs in the icy air.

<< Rust IC >>
  • -Withdrawl (Full Round Action), 80 ft move, effectively leaving the range of the heat stalkers heat draining aura.
  • -Speaks (Free Action)

Grinning in agony-triumph, the canite leaps back, swings over the fallen pine and quickly lopes away, leaving patchy smears of crimson in the thin snow. Panting heavily, bleeding like a sieve but still grinning, Rust reaches down and scoops up a jagged stone. “I have hands-reach, cat!” he laughs, a high-pitched chattering noise from the pits of hell.

<< Rust OOC >>
  • -0 damage this round from heat stalkers Heat Draining Aura (Su)(30ft radius)
  • -3 damage from blood loss from piercing/slashing wounds suffered in earlier rounds ofCombat.
  • -Total damage taken this round (3)

<< DM >> End of second Round

<< DM >> Start of third Round

<< Mar IC >>
  • -Initiative (28)
  • -Attack w/ Myyrrn Spear (10) Miss
  • -Move Action, Lands between cat and Ruststalker

The mellow Myyrrn is charged with adrenaline as he swoops out of the orange sky to fly-by-attack the Heat Stalker. Unfortunately his nerves get the best of him and his thrust is too high. Alert of a sudden new heat-source the cat snarls and hops out of harms way. A moment later Mar spreads his wings as his momentum carries him safely out of reach of the wounded cat. However he lands before an equally ferocious Cainite!

<< Rust IC >>
  • -Initiative (16)
  • -Move Action Reposition 40’ closer to the cat, now 10’ from Mar
  • -Attack Throw the rock at Mar (24 -4 for non-lethal = 20) Hit DMG: 7 non-lethal and

Now convinced the cat is worse of then he is Rust decides to finish it off with his rock. He darts back toward the log he was using for cover. If he’s lucky he can hit the cat without getting too close to its icy claws. In the chill twilight no shadows race over the ground as a winged being swoops over the log and lands directly in his path. Startled by the sudden appearance of the Myyrrn Rust instinctively hurls his rock at Mar close-range.

Mar was about to open his mouth to speak but realizes his error as the wounded Cainite is all animal at the moment, and not in the mood for introductions. At the last instant Mar raises his arms to shield himself from a thrown weapon. Deep throbbing pain shoots up his arm as his left hand swells with bruising. His grip goes limp on his spear and he realizes he can no longer wield it effectively as a melee weapon.

<< Heat Stalker >>
  • -Initiative (11)
  • -Withdrawl, move 50ft
<< Rust OOC >>
  • -0 damage this round from heat stalkers Heat Draining Aura (Su)(30ft radius)
  • -3 damage from blood loss from piercing/slashing wounds suffered in earlier rounds of Combat.
  • -Total damage taken this round (3)

<< DM >> End of third Round

<< DM >> Start of fourth Round

<< Mar IC >>
  • -Initiative (28)
  • -Free Action, Speak to Rust
  • -Move Action, Takes to the air again in pursuit of the heat stalker

<< Mar IC >>

<< Rust IC >>
  • -Initiative (16)
  • -Standard Action, Heal Check (18), Success!, bleeding stops.
  • -Move Action, Pursues Mar and the heat stalker

<< Rust IC >>

<< Heat Stalker >>
  • -Initiative (11)
  • -Move Action, Turns to face Mar at edge of clearing
  • -Free Action, Growls

<< DM >> End of fourth Round

<< DM >> Start of fifth Round

<< Mar IC >>
  • -Initiative (28)
  • -Move Action, Flyby Attack!
  • -Attack Action, Throw Spear @ heat stalker! ( ),

<< Mar IC >>

<< Rust IC >>
  • -Initiative (16)
  • -Move Action, Charge heat stalker!
  • -Attack Action, ( ),

<< Rust IC >>

<< DM >> End of fifth Round

<< DM >> Start of sixth Round



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