A Gobber in Lormyr

Background The Young Kingdom of Lormyr

Weather and Season

Player Characters

Beast-folk in the Theocracy of Vilmir

Background The Young Theocracy of Vilmir

In the Theocracy of Vilmir, beast-folk are only common in the outlands. Cardinal Garrick does not credit beast-folk equal rights to men, though technically the Church of Law does. Therefor any beast-folk that is detained must have reputable witnesses and friends to vouch for them to have any chance for a favorable sentence. Unlike the kingdom of Gildor, the church of Law oversees all trials in Vilmir. Beast-folk that find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time are sometimes captured as convenient scapegoats for all manner of crimes. In this way the commoners have an outsider to blame which usually suites them better. Real criminals in Vilmir know how to grease palms to avoid a trial, and in some cases they are actually henchmen for nobles or corrupt church officials.

However, in the Outlands beast-folk are better respected by the locals who value their hunting and scouting skills. Most human towns have befriended at least one beast-folk to barter with and a few openly trade with them. However, it still takes months of cooperation and trade before the more dangerous races are allowed to wander freely among them. Vilmirian children are usually taught horror-stories about beast-folk as further incentive to stay in sight of home.

Weather & Season

It is early winter with temperatures in the thirties during the day, near zero after dark. In a couple months temperatures may get into the negatives. It’s not as bad as the Iron Imperium of Romanus far to the north, but nontheless northern Vilmir is colder then the average this time of year in this region of the continent.

The reason for that is that it lies just east of the largest mountain range on Trel. Icy rain and snow from these peaks will blanket northern Vilmir throughout the winter season. Further north, the golden desert of Ist generates massive swirling windstorms that sometimes head south, bypassing the mountains through northern Vilmir before it hits the dense ocean air to the south. In other words… the weather is currently cold and miserable. If you aren’t careful the windchill of a northerly wind gust combined with icy rain can kill you if you are caught out in the open without shelter.

Player Characters

The Witchblade Campaign

Player Characters | NPC’s ­(In order of appearance)

Kel stormrage Wadock, Gunner
Sir Shey Shanovar Vie, Selkis
. Prelate Dumas, Pandor
. Ciannor, Alexia
. Captain Helstrom, Julian
. Inquisitor Sirac, Dexer

Background The Iron Kingdom of Gildor

Kel Stormrage is an aspiring necromancer born in Gildor. The laws of Gildor forbid the practice of necromancy without an official contract and the Fraternal Order of Wizards does not often train apprentices in the dark arts. Therefor Kel has decided that he will do his best to pick up on the secrets of the dead without an official blessing. In the meantime however, he has to earn a living somehow and there is always work for wizards that operate outside the laws of government.

Sir Shey Shanovar is a Dover Knight. Dover have a long history of cooperation and mutual respect with humans, those of Gildor especially. After years of dilligent service to his lord in the unexplored wilderness of the north (unexplored by humans anyway), Sir Shanovar has been granted a leave of absence as a reward. Not one to sit about idly on his haunches Sir Shanovar has decided to use the time to travel and seek adventure.

Selkis Vie is not technically on Trel when this campaign begins. Although this is unknown to her her birth is the result of an affair between the Elven Queen Gwendolyn of Heartwood and the late Duke Justinian Leontine of Acamea. Of course neither of Selki’s parents could commit to raising a child. At the time Duke Justinian was Sir Justintian and Queen Gwendolyn was Princess Gwendolyn. Neither the former king of Acamea or the former king of the Elves wanted an unplanned alliance so they kept the affair a secret. It was decided the child should be sent far away unto another plane to prevent issues in the future. Neither king wanted the other access to a hostage. Selkis was sent by The Royal Mages to the Wilderness of the Beastlands, a realm sacred to the elves which was also a favorite hunting ground for Acamean Nobility.

The Golden Tablet Campaign
Player Characters (In the Order they Appeared)
  1. Mike – Lerris Blackstaff, Chaotic Good, Human Male (21), Wizard (4), Law/Balance/Chaos/Vitus 0/0/0/0
  2. Damon – Slain Greystaff… Neutral Good, Human Male, Fighter (2), Cleric (2), Law/Balance/Choas/Vitus 0/0/0/0
  3. Albert – Brin Whitestaff… Chaotic Good, Human Male, Fighter (4), Law/Balance/Chaos/Vitus 0/0/0/0


^ These characters hail from Kryll, a world Damon created. They are members of an elite order known as The Das Volkers created by player characters (including myself) over the course of a grand campaign of many years. Each of them was sent by related noble families to be trained in the Das Volker Academy. They appeared on Trel when Lerris botched a spell in the academy transporting them near the city of Naksokar. Slain and Brin decided this “accident” must really just be another test of The Das Volker Academy.

Lerris knew better and he was more concerned with the fact that he can no longer sense the presence of his true master, Lord Von Holland, who is bent on the destruction of The Das Volkers. Hidden around his neck Lerris wears a powerful amulet. He can use it to open a portal to his masters empire allowing a small force of soldiers to come to his aid. He also has the option of passing through the portal himself if he needs to flee to safety… but in either case it is a one-way trip. Once the portal is opened it may never be used again.

The amulet also grants him the ability to send a psychic report to his master once per day, but for some reason it is not working at the moment. The amulet conceals his true allignment and will cloak him from efforts to scry upon his person or his mind. (Other than his master of course) Incidentally if he ever needs to remove the amulet it deactivates and will not appear magical to detection spells, nor will it function around anyone elses neck.


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